External Matters

We know what you’re thinking. "Outerwear? In Singapore?” The concept might appear outlandish. But have you ever strolled the aisles of a supermarket – especially the cheese and dairy aisle– wishing you had a sweater? Or struggled to concentrate at work because of your cold office?

With an epithet like “the air-conditioned nation”, it’s clear that our little island-nation has the characteristics of “sweater weather”, albeit not the natural kind. As you exit the heat and enter the glass-cladded, marble-interiored building, the cool breeze that initially appeared so welcoming will eventually betray you, causing you to question your dress choice. There’s no harm in keeping a sweater in your car or in a tote for when you might need one. Whether your look is vibrant and eccentric, or subtle and restrained, there’s a style for everyone.

As you nestle indoors to combat constant rainfall during the imminent monsoon season, consider a hoodie to help you achieve the right amount of hygge (Danish term to encapsulate ‘a mood of coziness’). In fact, in case you missed the horde of memos, hoodies are no longer exclusive to skaters, gym buffs or streetwear aficionados; they’re also a good look for grown-up men. If the cold you’re experiencing is authentic, and not artificial, pair one beneath your coat for extra warmth and protection, the perfect ensemble for an autumn walk in the park.

For something that’s slightly more classic with that slight bit of edge, there’s no going wrong with a denim jacket. Its warm but breathable quality makes it the perfect choice of outerwear to sport in our conflicting climate. And as for the heavier stuff — like the puffer jackets, bombers and coats — why not flaunt them on your next visit to a part of the world where ‘sweater weather’ isn’t a romanticised concept and the number on your Weather app always reads below 20°C.

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