Already a well-regarded name in women’s wear, Chitose Abe’s menswear for Sacai bears the same experimental and edgy aesthetic as its sister line. The former Comme des Garçons designer melds sound tailoring with quirky Japanese styling and detailing. The brand’s creative message of “design built upon the everyday” means these are not clothes that are victims of ephemeral trends but rather the building blocks of a sensible wardrobe.


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  • Sacai

    Aztec Printed Shorts

    Regular Price: USD 773.61

    Special Price USD 386.81

  • Sacai

    Denim Jeans

    Regular Price: USD 651.63

    Special Price USD 325.82

  • Sacai

    Leather Mix Buckle Sandals

    Regular Price: USD 750.07

    Special Price USD 375.04

  • Sacai

    Embroidered Chequered Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 727.60

    Special Price USD 363.80

  • Sacai

    Corduroy Pants

    Regular Price: USD 523.23

    Special Price USD 261.62

  • Sacai

    Wool Knitted Pullover

    Regular Price: USD 575.66

    Special Price USD 287.83

  • Sacai

    Cowhide Ankle Boots

    Regular Price: USD 1,128.85

    Special Price USD 564.43

  • Sacai

    Small Tote

    USD 878.47
  • Sacai

    Lawrence Weiner Laundry Bag

    USD 1,185.56
  • Sacai

    Denim Skirt

    Regular Price: USD 1,000.45

    Special Price USD 500.23

  • Sacai

    Leather Patch Work Sandals

    Regular Price: USD 821.76

    Special Price USD 410.88

  • Sacai

    Bleached Heart Print Jacket

    Regular Price: USD 921.27

    Special Price USD 460.64

  • Sacai

    Sandal Clogs

    Regular Price: USD 714.76

    Special Price USD 357.38

  • Sacai

    Printed Shorts

    Regular Price: USD 614.18

    Special Price USD 307.09

  • Sacai

    Printed T-shirt

    Regular Price: USD 614.18

    Special Price USD 307.09

  • Sacai

    All In Print Parka

    Regular Price: USD 2,135.72

    Special Price USD 1,067.86

  • Sacai

    All In Print Skirt

    Regular Price: USD 1,092.47

    Special Price USD 546.24

  • Sacai

    Heart Embroidery Shorts

    Regular Price: USD 992.96

    Special Price USD 496.48