Emerging Korean menswear label Juun.J strikes out with a compelling collection comprising of over-the-top shapes in the form of voluminous armour-like outerwear heavily influenced by sportswear alongside mind-bending surrealist illustration prints on a series of neoprene sweaters. The brand’s strength in tailoring and construction is also highlighted in the form of  sleek coats infused with rounded shoulders. Fabrics with a metallic sheen are mixed together with tough leather and sophisticated wool textures.


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  • Juun.J

    Back Print Sweatshirt

    Regular Price: USD 358.45

    Special Price USD 179.23

  • Juun.J

    Back Printed Cotton T-Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 234.33

    Special Price USD 117.17

  • Juun.J

    Logo Cotton T-Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 197.95

    Special Price USD 98.98

  • Juun.J

    Camo Layer Hoodie

    Regular Price: USD 461.17

    Special Price USD 230.59

  • Juun.J

    Layered Sleeve Camo T-Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 314.58

    Special Price USD 157.29

  • Juun.J

    Symmetry Checked Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 432.28

    Special Price USD 216.14

  • Juun.J

    Plaid Zip Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 527.51

    Special Price USD 263.76

  • Juun.J

    Plaid Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 461.17

    Special Price USD 230.59

  • Juun.J

    Camouflage Cotton Cargo Pants

    Regular Price: USD 497.55

    Special Price USD 248.78

  • Juun.J

    Reflective Panel Parka Blouson

    Regular Price: USD 1,091.40

    Special Price USD 545.70

  • Juun.J

    Camo Pants

    Regular Price: USD 824.97

    Special Price USD 329.99

  • Juun.J

    Hooded Man Sweatshirt

    Regular Price: USD 401.25

    Special Price USD 160.50

  • Juun.J

    Hooded Man Tee

    Regular Price: USD 299.60

    Special Price USD 119.84

  • Juun.J

    Hooded Man Swetahirt

    Regular Price: USD 357.38

    Special Price USD 142.95

  • Juun.J

    Chunky Sole Laceless Sneakers

    Regular Price: USD 605.62

    Special Price USD 242.25

  • Juun.J

    Hooded Man At Back Hoodie

    Regular Price: USD 481.50

    Special Price USD 192.60

  • Juun.J

    Synthesize Contrast Colour Sweatshirt

    Regular Price: USD 430.14

    Special Price USD 172.06

  • Juun.J

    Reversible Coat

    Regular Price: USD 992.96

    Special Price USD 397.18