C/meo Collective


With a strong design focus on using experimental and unique patterns and prints, Australian label C/meo Collective combines the finest materials with an array of premium fabrics for pieces that fit effortlessly, and stylishly into any wardrobe. With winning styles including off the shoulder knit dresses, pleated shirts and silk dresses, it’s no surprise that the young Australian brand, launched in 2010, has won over a legion of celebrity fans including Gigi Hadid, Jamie Chung and Solange Knowles.


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  • C/meo Collective

    Funnel-sleeved Elision Knit Top

    Regular Price: USD 135.89

    Special Price USD 54.36

  • C/meo Collective

    Fusion Skirt

    Regular Price: USD 120.91

    Special Price USD 48.36

  • C/meo Collective

    Solitary Tie Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 124.12

    Special Price USD 49.65

  • C/meo Collective

    Flared Presence Pants

    Regular Price: USD 121.98

    Special Price USD 48.79

  • C/meo Collective

    Shoulder Cut-out Essense Top

    Regular Price: USD 110.21

    Special Price USD 44.08

  • C/meo Collective

    Say It Again Pants

    Regular Price: USD 150.87

    Special Price USD 60.35

  • C/meo Collective

    Long Gone Pants

    Regular Price: USD 120.91

    Special Price USD 48.36

  • C/meo Collective

    Surrender Shirt

    Regular Price: USD 127.33

    Special Price USD 50.93

  • C/meo Collective

    No Reason Top

    Regular Price: USD 129.47

    Special Price USD 51.79

  • C/meo Collective

    Straight-leg Pants

    Regular Price: USD 176.55

    Special Price USD 70.62

  • C/meo Collective

    High-waisted Flared Pants

    Regular Price: USD 149.80

    Special Price USD 59.92

  • C/meo Collective

    Maui Print Midi Dress

    Regular Price: USD 175.48

    Special Price USD 70.19

  • C/meo Collective

    Evoke Long-sleeved Top

    Regular Price: USD 133.75

    Special Price USD 53.50

  • C/meo Collective

    Double Take Skirt

    Regular Price: USD 125.19

    Special Price USD 50.08

  • C/meo Collective

    Double Take Mini Dress

    Regular Price: USD 144.45

    Special Price USD 57.78

  • C/meo Collective

    Pleated Bustier Top

    Regular Price: USD 139.10

    Special Price USD 55.64

  • C/meo Collective

    Wide-leg Out Of Danger Pants

    Regular Price: USD 134.82

    Special Price USD 53.93

  • C/meo Collective

    Off The Shoulder Charged Up Jumpsuit

    Regular Price: USD 163.71

    Special Price USD 65.48